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One Measure of Happiness - Interactive Video Installation
By: Noam Knoller, Udi Ben-Arie, Maya Lotan, Mirit Tal
Instructor: Amnon Dekel
Department of Film and TV, Tel Aviv University
A dynamically generated interactive video that enables viewers to interact with a virtual actress via gesture analysis.

The porject was presented at Interact 2003 - International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, September 1-5, 2003 - Zurich, Switzerland.
Project Objectives:
  • Intimate Interaction:
    A touch based interface and familiar gestures, recognized by a responsive simulated character, create a more intimate interaction.
  • Continuous Interaction:
    The story does not wait for the participant to make explicit decisions. Narrative progression is influenced indirectly by the participantís behaviour
  • Narrative Depth and Coherence:
    A believable character, a meaningful story and a narrative structure that is both variable and coherent
Design Document